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Is your team ‘match fit’? Disruption caused by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent events such as the war in Ukraine, has heightened the need for suppliers and retailers to stay on top of their game in order to remain competitive.


Customer behaviours are  progressively shaped and moulded by  technological advancements and the rising cost of living.  Retailers are required to be on the front foot, as they pivot and find innovative ways to meet the ever-changing set of challenges presented to them by the advancement of consumer expectations. Traditional customers have become technological powerhouses while others have vanished off the grid altogether.


Some factors that have contributed to the complexity of the current retail landscape:

    • – The rapid rise of inflation and associated cost-of-living pressures
    • – Management of COVID related staffing issues
    • – Supply chain complexities and implications on product availability
    • – Retailer growth outside of traditional supermarkets with many retail offerings moving online
    • – Exponential acceleration of e-commerce brands


Despite the many factors contributing to this dynamic new retail environment, many businesses have yet to acclimate, in an effort to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace. A new set of challenges brings with it the need to reflect, revisit and modify the way we approach both the commercial marketplace and our own personal lives.


We like to think of a business’ ability to adapt to the changing landscape as becoming ‘match fit’. The more ‘match fit’ an organisation and its people are, the more agile and better equipped they are to overcome obstacles getting in the way of increasing commercial performance and delivering a stronger bottom line.


People development has slowed or stagnated as a result of COVID and very few businesses were able to conduct the formal and informal learning and development programs required to get their teams up to scratch whilst remaining ‘match fit’. The rate at which industry and society standards and requirements have shifted into a new form has meant, for some, that existing training materials have become obsolete and many organisations lack the capability required to adequately meet the needs of customers and consumers.


In consideration of the evolving customer ecosystem and the multi-dimensional requirements of the modern commercial manager, organisations will need to consider implementing an agile and dynamic approach in the way they offer and apply relevant learning and development programs.


Hexis Quadrant take a nimble, leading-edge, and practical approach to capability development. We streamline processes, enhance strategies and improve capability.


Through the delivery of The Commercial Academy we guide you through a bespoke innovative learning and development program that ensures your team will be equipped to adjust and become ‘match fit’.