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Project Based Consulting

Project Based Consulting

Our project based consulting services are on an ad-hoc basis depeding on the needs of your business. Some projects are naturally longer than others. We have worked on projects for as little as one month up to eighteen months straight. It really does depend on the needs of your business. Our senior industry experts work with you one-on-one to help you solve business critical problems both tactical and strategic. We work with businessess strictly in the FMCG and CPG space. We will provide support across commercial functions with our expertise in sales, category and marketing. To give you more of an idea of how we undertake project based consulting the following will help:

– Fixed term engagements that are clearly defined projects providing a specific service or to complete a specified project.
– Ad-hoc engagements where businesses require commercial support due to internal capability constraints.
– Executive level gap-fill between personel appointments (where job vacancies have not been filled and short-term resources are required)

Our consulting capability spans from insight and research, strategy and development, right through to practical implementation. We leverage our deep and broad industry knowledge of 20+ years (per consultant) to assist you with a wide range of business challenges.

Please note that we are a boutiqe consulting so we are not about working with thousands of clients. Rather we are about building long term relationships and rapport with a selected client base.

The world of business continues to get more challenging by the day so it helps to have some outside expert help that can offer you objective guidance and tangible solutions to help you solve your business challenges in a timely and structured manner.

Marketing consulting

We provide a range of bespoke marketing consulting services to support your business and solve critical business problems by developing strategies to develop, implement or improve your:

– Portfolio architecture
– Brand positioning
– Brand/marketing strategy
– I&R pipeline
– Comms development
– Execution and evaluation


Commercial sales consulting

We provide a range of commercial consulting services to support your business and solve business critical problems by developing strategies to develop, implement or improve:

– Distribution models
– Customer and channel diversification
– Trading terms
– Pricing
– Selling and negotiating
– Customer management and engagement

Category consulting

We provide a range of category consulting services to support your business and solve business critical problems by developing strategies to develop, implement or improve:

– Market research, data analysis, insights and reporting
– Pricing anlysis and strategy
– Category reviews
– Opportunities assessment (market/category/brand)


Some of the projects we've worked on with our clients

Below are some examples of projects we’ve proudly worked with clients both here and abroad. Each of these projects involved a problem or often several problems and we solved them resulting in much client satisfication.

– Strategic business planning
– New brand launches
– JBP development
– Trading terms negotiation
– Price increases
– Management of market research projects
– Customer/agency management
– Category strategy development
– Workshop facilitation

Improve your Business' Commercial Outcomes

Our programmes and partnerships cut through the noise and tackle critical business problems, streamline business processes, enhance competitive strategies and improve capability of staff. We leverage innovative and highly practical and highly actionable techniques to enhance your team's ability and unlock the potential within your organisation. Outcomes can include:

Brand health

Consumer-centric brand strategies to drive equity and long term brand value resulting in an increased ROI!

Market share gain

Tailored brand communications and activations that speak to your target audience and even ideal clients and beat the competition

Sales revenue optimization and profit enhancement

Increased sales and revenue $$$ to achieve market dominance

Customer service improvement

Greater customer satisfaction and alignment leading to stronger relationships and results for the long-term

Organisational cohesion

Reduced employee turnover and an increase in staff engagement and performance. This is a huge challenge facing many businesses

Personnel development and capability enhancement

Improved people skills as well as commercial skills and acumen across your commercial functions

Operational planning

Clear channel and customer plans with agreed targets and milestones

Streamlined integrated business planning processes

Enhanced commercial processes leading to better execution, processes and transparency

Process efficiency

More agile processes reflective of the current and future needs of your business

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