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Training and Development

Training and development

Delivered by training and development professionals with over 20+ years of industry experience each, Hexis Quadrant administers the agile and adaptive training programme known as The Commercial Academy.  

This programme is purposefully designed to strengthen commercial capability across organisations and is modular in its approach to doing so. 

Through consultation with you, we cultivate the most effective combination of tools and resources from a comprehensive suite of core competency and learning modules.

Benefits of this programme include: 

    • Identification of evolving within commercial upskilling 
    • Recognising adjacencies that sit across roles and functions 
    • Integrated language, approach, and tools of an organisation 
    • Incorporated KPI’s, measurements and metrics within its modules 
    • Resources delivered in a timely fashion, when employees need it most 
    • Current business challenges addressed and needs met 
    • An approach that reflects the unique requirements of an organisation and its individuals, across all levels 

“An organisation’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
Jack Welch – Former CEO, GE

Training and development for your business

Our innovative training covers a wide range of commercial functions. These include sales, category, marketing, supply chain and operations.  

Some of the topics covered are: 


  • Planning
  • Revenue Management
  • Customer Management
  • Selling
  • Negotiation
  • Train the Trainer
  • Behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Consumer, Customer and Competitor
  • War Gaming
  • Retail Immersion (virtual reality training)

In consideration of the existing and desired commercial proficiency of participants, four levels of training are offered across each programme ensuring optimal outcomes are achieved: 

One – Foundational (able to apply)
Two – Established
Three – Advanced
Four – Thought Leadership

Interested in how we can help your team increase their commercial capability?  

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Helping you build and retain stronger commercial capability organisation-wide

Our partnership approach to developing your people

For clients wanting to deliver a more robust and comprehensive training and development schedule or for those simply looking to overhaul their training and development process, we will partner with you to evolve or create your own internal commercial academy. The purpose of such an academy is to provide you with state of the art training and development that is relevant for today’s marketplace and so equips you and your team with the right skill set and commercial core competencies.
Working in close consultation with you, we define commercial competencies that most accurately reflect your organisation’s capability and overall vision.
Once aligned, we assist you with identifying the required capability levels that sit within each competency that best reflects your commercial needs both big and small.
We work with you to map the required capabilities levels across the core competencies for each of the various roles within your organisation or function. The required level of each competency will vary depending on the job grade which will, in turn, determine the required proficiency at each level within the organisation.
From here we develop your learning roadmap and partner with you to deliver your organisations capability vision.

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Improve commercial outcomes

Our programmes and partnerships address critical commercial challenges, streamline processes, enhance strategies, increase competitive advantage, and improve capability of staff. We innovate and implement tools and techniques that strengthen your team’s overall proficiency and capability. Direct outcomes include:

Boosted brand health

Winning strategies that enhance long-term brand equity and increase value, resulting in greater ROI.

Market share gain

Beat the competition with consumer-focused communication that speaks directly to your target audience, generating demand.

Sales revenue optimisation and profit enhancement

Increased sales and revenue $$$ to achieve market dominance.

Improved customer service

Greater customer satisfaction and alignment, leading to strengthened relationships and sustainable, long-term results.

Organisational cohesion

Reduced employee turnover and an increase in staff engagement and performance. This is a huge challenge facing many businesses worldwide.

Personnel development and capability enhancement

Improved people skills as well as commercial skills and acumen across your commercial functions.

Operational planning

Clear channel and customer plans with agreed targets and milestones.

Streamlined integrated business planning processes

Enhanced commercial processes leading to better execution, processes and transparency.

Process efficiency

More agile processes reflective of the current and future needs of your business.

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